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Notion’s New Update | Block Syncing

Hello and welcome to my channel.  I’m Nancy and I am thanks for stopping by.  Today, I am going to go over a new feature just released by Notion called Synced Blocks. But before I get into this new feature let’s go over What is a Block?   A block is the different types of content placed on notion.  This content can be text, headings, databases, bullets, toggles, 3rd party embeds and images.  With Notion’s sync blocks you can have the same information in multiple places throughout your workspace and keep it update by making the change only one time.  All the other instances of the content will automatically be changed when you make the update.  This is a wonderful feature as it can often be difficult to remember to make changes to the content at every location.  Besides, who has time to make those changes over and over again, one page at a time.


How to Create Synced Blocks


  1. Copy some content
  2. Paste on another page and select Paste & Sync in the dropbox that appears.
  3. Now your content is synced! Any changes that you make will be updated in the other synced blocks.


What Can You Do With Synced Blocks?


With Synced Blocks that possibilities are endless.  Here are a few ways that you can use them in Notion.


  1. Paste and sync metrics and KPIs in one place, and all the other Synced Blocks will update automatically
  2. Place a footer with you contact info and social media profiles on every page of your personal website, blog, or portfolio. If you choose to change the formatting or add more info down the road, Synced Blocks will ensurc that you won’t have to spend hours making the changes across the pages.
  3. Keep your mission statement, core values, top on your mind by including it at the top of every new project proposal, decision doc, and job posting. If you need to tweak it, you only have to change them once.




I have to commend Notion for making this change.  It is something that needed to be done a longtime ago.  The only downside now is that you have to establish the sync blocks for the changes to happen automatically.  But once that is done it will be a breeze to keep your content updated.

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