199 5 Spectatulare Tips and Tricks for NOTION

5 Spectacular Notion Tips and Tricks

Hello and welcome to my channel, I’m Nancy and today I am going to go over 5 Notion tips and tricks to be more productive.  In fact, I will also include a bonus tip that you will not want to miss.  So stay till the end of the video.  If you enjoy these videos please do me a favor and leave a comment down below. Let me know which shortcut you liked best.

Trick number one. Dark Theme Mode.

To switch to Dark Theme Mode in Notion;

  • Go to settings and members
  • Then Appearance
  • Change the dropdown to dark mode.

To change to dark mode quickly do the following.





To Quickly Search in Notion

If you ever needed to search quickly in Notion then you will love this tip.





Reference Another Page or Person Using the @ Symbol in Notion

Did you know that you can directly link to another page or Person in Notion just by using the @ symbol? You can also mention specific users by using the @ symbol and their name.  However please note that anytime you mention  a person’s name they will get notified under the “All Update” tab in the upper left hand corner of the screen.


Create Block Columns

Notion allows you to organize blocks side by side. To create a block column in Notion:

  • Select the six grey dots to the left side of the block or blocks you want to organize.
  • Move the selected block the side of the block you wish to create side by side columns
  • Once you see a blue vertical line you can click away.


Forward Slash Shortcut In Notion


Did you know that when you push the forward slash on Notion it allows you to create a new block.  That way you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard and can keep typing.


Keyboard Shortcuts Between Notion Workspaces

Here is the bonus tip for you.If you have multiple Notion Workspaces you can quickly navigate between them by hitting command on a Mac or control on a PC and select a specific number.

Well, that is it for this week’s video.  Let me know which tip you found beneficial.  Remember to subscribe, smash that notificiation bell, Hit that Like button and leave me a comment down below.



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